Church of the Three Hierarchs

The Church of the Three Hierarchs was the metropolis of the island for more than 150 years. It is a symbol of the intellectual culture of the island as it has seen the service of patient and excellent priests and spiritual leaders such as priest Adamantios (the father of Papadiamantis), priest Nicholas Papanicolaou, priest Andreas Bouras and others who were under the leadership of George Rigas, the great scholar and author of the island. The Church of the Three Hierarchs is a basilica, built in 1846. It is located in the center of the village, near the sea. Inside the church there is the painting of Virgin Kounistra found in 1650. She is the protector of the island and the church is a sacred pilgrimage for both locals and foreigners. Many relics and pictures of great archaeological value from all around the country, have been transferred to this church.